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Continuation High School

Continuation High School

Shattuck’s Vision

  • To provide students an equal opportunity to learn.
  • To recognize that all students contributes individual gifts, talents, and uniqueness.
  • To hold students high academic expectations and standards of achievement, creating an environment which encourages students to learn actively.
  • To encourage active relationships and communication among students, staff and family, and community.
  • To empower students to overcome traditional barriers to learning and success.
  • To foster life skills to help students choose a life plan or direction by preparing them for college, work or further training.
  • To develop a culture of civil productive citizens who show empathy and respect towards others.
  • To believe that student’s negative attitudes can be transformed into positive by the cooperation of a caring and loving staff, parents and most importantly the students themselves

Shattuck Continuation School provides emotional support, academic alternatives, and a sense of community for the student.  Students here are active learners who show personal initiative and are motivated to work on self-improvement and academic success. In order to succeed at Shattuck Continuation School, each student is required to:

• Participate fully in all school activities

• Show effort toward academic achievement

• Develop positive, supportive relationships with staff and peers

• Adopt and maintain a clean and sober lifestyle